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03-06-2010, 01:11 PM
Originally Posted by Surgery
Quoted for truth. It's lthe same concept with fighting and first person shooter games. I know many people that own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and have never completed the campaign mode even once; they strictly play online only.

Or the Super Smash Bros franchise. I know several people that have not even touched the single story mode once, though it is obvious that the programmers are trying to put much more effort into developing the story mode through each new installment.

Instead of changing the KDF faction to resemble more of a Federation variant by developing PvE content, it would be interesting if the PVP aspects of the KDF faction were developed instead.
The problem here is your compaireing Apples to oranges. True FPS games you want to PvP. I am currently playing AvP for the X-box and it rocks on line, I have not even compleated the "PvE" story lines for the Alien or the Marine, just the Preditor. But when im going to pick up a FPS, im already expecting that most of the content is going to be PVP. But when you make a MMO heavy pvp centerd, it will already fail; look at the examples, *** (age of conan), ****, Pirates of the Burning sea, the list goes on. MMOs should have both PVP and PVE for all factions and races.

Now I currently love my Klingon, but I only play him once every 2 weeks or so. Im ether going to study (Chem 212 is a *****) or play AvP. No matter how much pvp they will try to pump into a MMO it will never meet a FPS. If I want to kill other players only im going to chose a FPS. But If I want a game where I feel like the character more im going to pick a MMO or of the best games I have ever played was a FPS/RPG, but it had no PVP and that was Fallout 3 (all the fallout games rocked and I started playing with the first one when I was 15 years old).

EDIT: To the poster above...most the games you cited are not MMOS they are FPS, I dont know where people get the idea that their should be heavy PVP in a MMO, just because FPS games exist. Like stated above FPS bread and butter is PVP, MMOs should not try to compeat with that....theirs is story-line and customization (now im not saying that MMOS should not have pvp, and that FPS should not have custom items, im just saying they both should stick at what they are good at).