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03-06-2010, 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by spacecadet1138 View Post
i'm not getting what i asked for. i asked for a completed faction with as many gameplay options as the other faction (feds)
Tribble is testing FvF as we type. i dont see how the release of FvF is a win.
it's good for Fed players, but not the community at large. it's being implemented for the sole purpose of reducing the wait time of PvP Q's for FEd players.
it does nothing to improve gameplay on the Klingon side of the fence.

to ignore the needs of one faction in a dual-faction MMO at launch is one thing.
but to actively cater to one faction while continuing to ignore the needs of the opposing faction while it's numbers continue to dwindle is another.

i've said so before and i'll say it again if the shoe was on the other foot, you'd feel the same way many Klingons do.

i encourage you to walk a mile (45 levels) in our shoes. have you ever played a Klingon toon? please do.
so basicly because cryptic includes stuff for the feddies it's catering only to feddies?

basicly because cryptic isn't doing EXACTLY as YOU say, they suck?

wow, not only is that a remarkably ignorant thing to say and do, it's remarkably arrogant and self centered.
Grow up!