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03-06-2010, 02:14 PM
Originally Posted by PosableActionFigure View Post
Anyone who thought Klingons would be getting full 1-45 PVE content in the 45-day patch is seriously deluded. I'd hope any reasonably intelligent players out there realised that such a thing was

A. Never promised


B. Completely infeasible in such a short time-frame.
indeed. we all knew what Klingon content was gonna be like even before Open Beta started. the content's coming, but cryptic isn't going to release content for one side alone. yes you can say "roll a 45 klingon and see what it's like" however roll a 45 fed, finish all the quests, see what it's like.

same thing, BOTH factions need new content, new toysa etc. it's coming, the 45 day patch is not gonna be the last content we get