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03-06-2010, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by PosableActionFigure View Post
Anyone who thought Klingons would be getting full 1-45 PVE content in the 45-day patch is seriously deluded. I'd hope any reasonably intelligent players out there realised that such a thing was

A. Never promised


B. Completely infeasible in such a short time-frame.
i completely agree. but with Cryptic's very very vague manner of alluding to new content (and they have been doing so since OB) it seemed like something that was possible. to a lot of people.

when this patch goes live, for the 45-day update, a lot of Klingon players are going to feel as if they have been led on for 2 months and they are going to leave. this is not good for the game.

what i'm getting at, is the manner in which Cryptic alluded to new content for KDF players has been and always was very vague, leaving most players to form unrealistic expectations of what was coming in the way of content, and it was in bad taste for them, to do so. if KDF players would have known, during OB, that the '45-day patch' that was constantly being alluded to as their hope for new content was going to be what we're seeing, many would have cancelled before launch. i sure would have, or at least instead would have.

you have yet to see the real feedback from the KDF as a whole over this.