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03-06-2010, 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by spacecadet1138 View Post
stop trolling. go roll a Klingon. experience firsthand how incomplete the faction is.

but, to get back on topic-what they're intending to Update in the OP is basically what they're testing on Tribble now, which has been linked on other posts in this thread.

by me.
I have rolled a Klingon. They are incomplete compared to the federation, but that is why Cryptic is adding more stuff to them. Sure, right now the STF, Fleet actions, and exploration is all they can add, since it is in game already. The episodic stuff takes time to do right, unless you want a copy/paste of all the fed missions.

Your entire complaint is that they aren't working exclusively on Klingon content right now, and that the entire faction isn't fixed to how you want it right now. Being upset is one thing, but being angry that Cryptic does not meet your unreasonable expectations within an unreasonable time frame is just foolish and unrealistic. It is also unrealistic to think that Cryptic would or even should cater to one faction just because they don't have all the same stuff the other faction does.

In short, Either you want stuff now, or you want it done well and done right. You can't have it both ways, Period.