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# 1 My thoughst on infected
03-06-2010, 04:21 PM
My experience and thoughts.

First of yes I've completed it.

Now my PERSONAL opinion is there was not allot of hard work gone into this (raid) a lack of sheer imagination went into the design of this, all they did was stick allot of Borg into a space station and added hold hold hold snare snare snare, you can be at the back of the group and be held for long periods of time, they then added a few extra harder Borg which they call mini bosses, easy enough.

in short infected is like a long thin appendage (Long and boring) with the outcome leaving you dissapointed, i would hardly call the long time zink mission anything but a desperate attempt to keep you interested but failing desperately.

this game only caters for the casual player as your levelling, get stuck with some idiots mixed with the extremely bad game mechanics in this game and all you end up doing is wasting over 2 hours in an instance for loot that well lets face it they may say its unique to that instance but doing a few dailies and comparing makes you think and there difference is?.

having to constantly redo this catastrophic excuse of a 5 man raid to finally try and get it done only to have people being so under geared (not that there's any ways to check in this game)and no common sense, that its almost impossible to do.

For the very first raid in this game and contents that we have been lacking for so long to finally come out and to have no proper looking for group system because the one we have is half asses and badly designed, your just making me think your sweting with desperation and just throwing any old crap in this game to say "hey we added contents didn't we?) , its not entertaining.

Then comes the final boss which lets face it, those 2 damn hours you took to get there gives you sod all that you cant get at a vendor or the exchange counting for nothing, because you only get 2 valor tokens and there both on the end boss because the cube doesn't work, lets not put it on the other mini boss in there right, NO lets make all your hard work count for squat until you finally get the last boss down which is annoying and overpowered combined with the endless spawn of borg to the sides and front.

Infected is like making love if its goes on for too long you lose interest and get bored, it needs to be shortened down with a few less borg or may reduce the constant hold. infected actually makes me think what's the point if this is what we have to look forward to on future raids with a system that lacks comparabilities to other players so if you get people that leave because they have less patients that you because idiots cant stand still and jump around so you end up getting the shaft after 2 hours of crap you just did.

alot will disagree but you have to admit your really just glad its over at the end if you finaly get to do it.

And no its not my fault for getting onto groups that fail, because you don't know they fail till the time comes when you fight the boss, since you cant inspect there gear or ability to understand mechanics regardless how badly designed they are in this space mmo they are labelling statrek.