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03-06-2010, 04:46 PM
In my opinion yes there was little imagination involved, that's my opinion and i didn't say i tried it with just one pug now did i? there appears to be many fails out there, it took many attempt which makes it not fun which is the opposite of what cryptic wants and it appears to have the same affect for many people.

It's supposed to be contents for everybody to do and have fun not spend over 2 hours getting to the end and making many attempts then people leaving, having to redo it it again and again and again, I'm sorry if my RL time isn't scheduled around this game, certain aspects of infected needs to be changed to make it more suitable and doable for for not just the hardcore i have no real life people which is what cryptic seems to be catering for.

yes i'll say it, infected is too difficult when you have to pug and you cant just rely on fleet members, adjustments need to be made, it isn't fun to spend over 2 hours in there and then another 2 hours and so on because people leave or have to go which you don't know that will happen till the end. cryptic assumed everybody did the dailies to get geared up, Yes i did it and doesn't take that long, but most haven't and some a new admirals of maybe a few days to a week which you have to contend with .

and I'm not complaining that my pug could not do it alot of them cant I've been in a few, this is my point, with this being THE only thing to do in this game there is very little option to say screw it I'm gonna go do something different, oh goody and exploration mission maybe? not like we all haven't did them.