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How long did it take you to reach Rear Admiral 5?, do you have multiple Rear Admirals or are presently levelling an alt?

It took me 150 hours from head start through March 4th to make RA5. I have one RA, a LT9, and a LTC2 Klingon.


Did you enjoy the journey to Rear Admiral 5?, what was the high points and low points?

I did enjoy the journey to RA5. The high points? I’m not sure if there were any real high points. It was all pretty consistent and pleasurable. The low point is the rail style progression. There are no branches. This would be fine if STO was a sandbox game, but it is not.


Do you currently part-take in regular PvP, Fleet actions or Raidisodes? If so, what are you views on them? What do you think could be improved, and what issues need to be addressed?

I like the PvP but getting into a PvP mission seems to take longer than it should. I understand there may be a lack of availability of players interested in PvP at any given time. However, it seems there is some trouble getting people hooked up to do PvP, like something is not connecting in the system. I like the idea of the fleet actions. The raidisodes are pretty nifty. I’m not a raider but I do like the raidisode formulation thus far (that would be only one at this time)


Do you prefer space combat or ground combat? If so, why? What makes that particular style of combat a better player experience for you over the other?

I prefer space over ground because the space seems more developed. If ground was tweaked and made more challenging I might like it more than I do. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of the ground stuff. It is a very good start, but it needs a bit more.


Pick one current issue in-game effects you the most, what changes do you think would benefit the game overall and why?

I guess this would depend on what is defined as an issue. An issue I have is that I cannot “sidekick” with lower or higher level friends’ avatars. I want to be able to group with any one of any level to do anything.


Do you think since launch, Star Trek Online has lived up to your expectations? Do you think you will still be playing in six months time?

My expectations have not been met but they have also been met at the same time. The way in which they have not been met is in the absence of sandbox. I had expected to be able to actually craft, not enhance items. Not only that I had expected noncombat focused classes, among them crafters and diplomats. I really think Cryptic made a HUGE mistake in not having sandbox play and not having classes focused on something other than combat as a primary vocation.

My expectations have been met in the fact that Cryptic has developed a phenomenal framework on which they can build to meet me expectations. What is there in STO is actually really good as a start. It is begging to be improved upon. Good job with that, guys! I hope that was the plan from the start


What future changes would you like to see the most in Star Trek Online?

The addition of noncombat classes. Specifically dedicated crafting, harvesting, mining, and marketing commerce oriented vocations. Additionally, a noncombat “diplomat” class needs to be developed. You can ask me directly about that diplomat class and its vocations through email, if you like. I hope you will. I do not want to publish it here on the forums.

I would like to see actual station and ground based player housing that can be designed and decorated by players.

I would like the ability to have fleets establish stations and planetary outposts in the explorable space sectors.

I would like to see the exploration aspect of the game fleshed out better.

I would like to have the ability to sidekick ah la Champions Online.

I would like a pony! One with a horn and wings that smells like cotton candy! (not really but it seemed appropriate to mention given the length and nature of my list of “would like to see” stuff)


Finally, what was the last MMo you played before joining Star Trek Online, why did you quit the last MMo and join this community?

Instead of mentioning the last MMORPG I have played I will submit the number I have played over the last 15 years. That Number is around 40. I will also mention in conjunction with that number that I am a graduate student In an English Studies New Media program who’s graduate work focuses on MMORPG narrative and ludemic construction. The reason I have played so many is because of that research interest. I know my stuff, really.

Again, I implore you, if you are really interested in what I think of STO and where I can see it going, contact me. I spend a LOT of time thinking and working with MMORPG concepts. I see a few obvious directions STO can go. The bit I have mentioned here is personal preference, more than anything else, and is not representational of my total observation of STO