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03-06-2010, 05:08 PM
Originally Posted by PlanetOfHats View Post
If the devs tried an imaginative mission I guarantee you there would be just as much crying on the forums from people. The tune would be, "Devs, how dare you make this too complex!"
Whats complex amount it?, giving an npc the ability to hit you hard as hell and putting a few boxes over plasma which people tend to like to fall in allot, that's not classed as complex! were did you get that analogy from?.

The raid boss hardly has any mechanics, its game machanics that get you most of the time it's hardly, ground combat is just COH but without the superpowers.

So yeah not alot of imagination, stick you in a room with borg all around and a boss that hits hard, you kill her or she kills you and hope your healer and engineer can keep the group up. Not much imagination for instance borg does so so ability if you move you take take damage you cant attack on whatever phase so on and so on, its shoot and take her down first if your group actually stops falling in the overdone plasma pond.

As i said this is my opinion and feedback who are you to say feedback can only be positive? this is what i found negative about it, if the devs decide to ignore my post and not take anything i say on board so be it, but that's not your call to make, disagree if you wish but don't try and argue the fact like only a positive opinion is welcome, maybe as far as your concerned my thoughts don't have a place in your little world of good experiences, but this is my feedback and opinion.