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03-06-2010, 05:14 PM
btw, if anyone is still reading this thread, just got done exploring all the new Klingon PvE content on Tribble.

KDF gets 2 fleet actions, they are Dig SIte and Crystalline entity. 1 ground, 1 space
and neither zone chat nor local chat work in either of them

and 4 exploration missions which have their own brand spanking new sectors, which i cannot enter. upon clicking the prompt to 'warp to deep space' i am promptly notified by the KDF traffic control i am 'not cleared to enter deep space'. this happened for all 4 new areas.

i understand that Tribble is up so we can test new content, and today is just the first day that it's up.
and i have filed bug reports in-game.

but how exactly are we suppose to test new content we can't get to? and yes i had a friend of mine that was a Lt. try to get into T'ong Nebula after picking up the mission for it, he couldnt get in either.

how do i form a group for a fleet action if i cant use zone or local chat? (btw, in both FA's -crystalline entity and dig site-i was the only non-NPC on either map, w/no other maps available when i went to change instances)

also, these are suppose to be released in 2 weeks. Cryptic has to get these areas OPEN before then, so we can actually TEST them.