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03-06-2010, 05:16 PM
Originally Posted by SithToker
As an Admiral (whos not a power gamer as the previous poser suggested out of anger), i did one of these once, ***** it. The rewards are scaled to the level intended tho, the only reason there is for admirals to go in there is to either farm drops to sell or grief lowbies. Leveling doesnt take long enough in this game to warrant my 'helping'. If you cant manage to level in this, seriously, why are you even playing MMO's?
(i know you didnt say that you couldnt, just pointing it out, dont mean 'you' as in literally 'you/yourself'.)

Obvious oversight by Cryptic on this, just have w/e DSE someone tries to get into send them to one appropriate for their level, problem solved.
im an admiral as well, i admit i sometimes go into these encounter for a specific reason though.
i go in to test builds of ships im tinkering with. unfortantly theyre usually the closest areas after i buy mk x items from sol system otherwise i'd use one of the other space docks.