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03-06-2010, 05:34 PM
Originally Posted by spacecadet1138 View Post
btw, if anyone is still reading this thread, just got done exploring all the new Klingon PvE content on Tribble.

and 4 exploration missions which have their own brand spanking new sectors, which i cannot enter. upon clicking the prompt to 'warp to deep space' i am promptly notified by the KDF traffic control i am 'not cleared to enter deep space'. this happened for all 4 new areas.

i understand that Tribble is up so we can test new content, and today is just the first day that it's up.
and i have filed bug reports in-game.

but how exactly are we suppose to test new content we can't get to? and yes i had a friend of mine that was a Lt. try to get into T'ong Nebula after picking up the mission for it, he couldnt get in either.

how do i form a group for a fleet action if i cant use zone or local chat? (btw, in both FA's -crystalline entity and dig site-i was the only non-NPC on either map, w/no other maps available when i went to change instances)

also, these are suppose to be released in 2 weeks. Cryptic has to get these areas OPEN before then, so we can actually TEST them.
Just a heads up its not a bug according to this post.

Some things that are turned off at the moment pending internal QA approval
iPvP Objective Maps
Klingon Ship Customization
New Stances
Klingon Star Cluster PVE Exploration
DS9 Fleet Action
New species, and costume updates
Off Duty Outfits (and extra costume slot)
Respec options

As you can see from that list those are turned off atm, as they are only doing a test run this weekend. Most likely to see how the server is running. The official unveiling is most likely to come later this week with more of the Update 1