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03-06-2010, 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by SithToker
As an Admiral (whos not a power gamer as the previous poser suggested out of anger), i did one of these once, ***** it. The rewards are scaled to the level intended tho, the only reason there is for admirals to go in there is to either farm drops to sell or grief lowbies. Leveling doesnt take long enough in this game to warrant my 'helping'. If you cant manage to level in this, seriously, why are you even playing MMO's?
(i know you didnt say that you couldnt, just pointing it out, dont mean 'you' as in literally 'you/yourself'.)

Obvious oversight by Cryptic on this, just have w/e DSE someone tries to get into send them to one appropriate for their level, problem solved.
I agree that they only reason a player might have to enter a Low Level DSE is to farm items. I mean our current "crafting" system requires even Mk items that are extremely hard to come by... So I can see say a Captain entering a DSE in Psi Velorum. Where they can possibly get Mk VI drops. But it doesn't seem to work that way. I was in a Psi Velorum DSE the other day - where the NPCs where Terrans - and it was dropping Mk VII items (well besides the batteries!) And I would have never got anything, as the NPCs were +15 to me, if I had not been given a team invite. Then what really bothered me was that I stayed to complete all 3 stages and when I exited it didn't give me credit.

Originally Posted by Torlak
Does anyone know if Cryptic is aware of the problems that this is causing? And if so are they planning on fixing it? It really was a pain in the butt when I was playing a few weeks ago. It's probably worse now.
I believe Cryptic made it this way... First, to make the game more "difficult", for all the people saying it was "too easy". And second to give high level players more to do, since they don't have enough content out yet. But either way I don't think Cryptic really cares!! They like to "talk the talk", but they certainly are NOT "walking what they talk" at all. And the Only hope we have is that enough players complain about the situation for them to get a clue.