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03-06-2010, 10:04 PM
Originally Posted by XedoeSR View Post
Love the avatar Trekk, really makes me wonder what shes looking at lol. But seriously, I was not having any issue with this about 2 weeks after the game went live. Just trying to figure out if it is server lag, graphics issue, or whatever else it might be.
Heh it's from "Trials and Tribble-ations" it's her reaction to the temporal investigators.

Well what I mean is your in such a massive ship that banking to fast would cause you to "slide" in the direction you were going. Kind of like in this video, 45 sec in. See how the ship was going straight, then gets rocked, spinning around on its axis but still going in the same direction even though its a full impulse, it should have turned in the new direction but the mass of the ship at the speed it was going and the force of the turn doesn't allow it. Now right before it goes to warp it starts to level out but is still moving in the general direction it was going so it slides a bit. Here's another vid where the ship itself makes a hard turn. it "slides' too, though not as much, but its a smaller ship with not as much mass as a larger ship. So if your in a larger ship your gonna slide more even at lower speeds.

Yes, your crew is splatted to the wall/floor when you bank to hard. xD

That's my understanding of it anyway. Forgive my rambling, I'm not good at explaining things. lol