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03-06-2010, 09:21 PM
The main problem I see is that most of the PvP players quit, since Klingon PvP content is no better than Kahless Expanse in terms of complexity.

There's more time and effort put into the first 10 levels of Fed PvE content than was put into the whole of Klingon PvP content.

Maybe giving us more PvE will help but it's missing the point -- PvE players are already happily playing as Feds. PvP players are quitting because the promised PvP faction has almost no PvP content.

Whatever happened to "house battles", too?? I had envisioned actual Houses that you had to sign up with permanently and regular KvK combat. Instead all it turned out to be was the FvK maps with a name change. Cryptic dropped the ball on House vs House content entirely.