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03-06-2010, 10:13 PM
Devs recently posted info about the 45 day patch and cannons are getting what looks like a pretty big nerf. They'll drain far more power than they currently do, which suggests to me that they'll be best used for burst fire rather than a continuous barrage, and Rapid Fire won't be as good as it currently is, especially for smaller cannons. (Although cannons won't interrupt each other anymore either, which means the initial burst may be bigger than now.)

I hope some "decent" players are going to plan on copying characters to the test server so we can try this stuff out.

Incidentally, I don't understand why more Feds don't use the Target Subsystem skills. They last for a good while, they reduce MAX power rather than acting as a drain (which means you cannot counter them with EPS consoles, like you can Tyken's Rift) and different ranks of the same power stack (e.g., Target Subsystem Weapons II stacks with III).

I also almost never see Feds using Aceton Field, which is quite effective for lowering DPS.

So I do still think there's a big "L2P" component here -- all the stuff you guys don't find useful in PvE because NPCs are stupid and weak is actually a big deal in PvP and you'd do well to think outside the PvE box on your skill selections. For example, I have seen Feds that stack Target Subsystem Shields so that your shields will simply turn off if you have them at less than about 60 power but that's rare. Doing it to engines or weapons would be good too, as would aux (0 aux = no science abilities and no turning).