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03-06-2010, 10:23 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
So I do still think there's a big "L2P" component here -- all the stuff you guys don't find useful in PvE because NPCs are stupid and weak is actually a big deal in PvP and you'd do well to think outside the PvE box on your skill selections. For example, I have seen Feds that stack Target Subsystem Shields so that your shields will simply turn off if you have them at less than about 60 power but that's rare. Doing it to engines or weapons would be good too, as would aux (0 aux = no science abilities and no turning).
It's easier just to demand nerfs than to take a few minutes to try and understand that people who play 100% of their levels in PvP are going to have an "exp factor" advantage. Taking a few minutes to sit back, see what those people are doing and come up with a counter isn't hard. Sadly like I said, "thinking of a counter" takes effort, but demanding the devs to fix what they don't understand, does not.