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03-07-2010, 01:37 AM
I managed to do Infected first time with all tactical group. Other times got up to last boss room, team breaks up due to real life issues, it happens folks.

For last nights session, our team consisted of 2 engineers, Science(medic), 2 tactical. I had a strange urge to smack some borg around with my bat'leth. My main focus was the Elite and Heavy Tactical Drones, keep them occupied while my team blasted the trash drones to bits. I managed to tank the first borg boss, so that his back was to the feam. He spent more time on his back or pinned in a corner, than hitting any of the team.

Good thing I spent points in Close Quarter Combat, Special Forces, and had a nice Squad Leader Mk IX tactical kit. Why Squad Leader kit, for the Overwatch (damage debuff) and Rally Cry (team heal) abilites.

Last Boss Room
Designate an 3 man assault team to take out the generators and a 2 man support team for the central platform. Our assault team was Tac, Eng, Medic, the support team was an engineer and a myself (Tac). The support team heals came from my Rally Cry and damage debuffs from Overwatch, extra firepower was from security escort if needed, along with engineers turret. Mostly used weapons with a high chance of knockback, and photon grenades.

Unfortunately we did not manage to take down the princess borg that time, got her down to 10% when she disapearead behind some enviroment and blocked our line of sight, and she still managed to hit us. She will come close enough to melee range, if you all hide behind one of the generators in the corner. Make sure everyone knows to shoot and scoot behind it. Real life reared its ugly head and we had to call it a night after a couple of attempts.


* Knock the borg into the plasma for quick easy kills.
* Use the enviroment to your advantage, protect your flank from enemy fire. e.g. the large shielded generator in the middle of the room., engineers cover shields.
* Do not release if someone can resuscitate you.
* Make sure everyone is ready to enter sequence at the same time.
* Make sure you bring plenty of large hypos, shields charges. Just incase they focus fire on your healer.
* Ensure that everyone has enough time to do the raid
* Have both teams be able to cover each other, espcially when resuscitating a team member.
* If you fall into the plasma, bunnyhop or run to either a ramp or a spot where you can be resuscitated, line of sight issues.

If anyone has any useful gearing, party composition, tactical advice regarding this raid, I would like to hear it. The above is my experience of my latest raid, any constructive criticism is welcome.