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03-07-2010, 03:27 AM
Originally Posted by Azreell View Post
Since Klinks only have PvP as an option to level we have a vastly larger amount of exp with it.

Quite frankly gear wise Feds have it all over us , but experience and time spent in PvP we have the advantage.
This is absolutely true, but as the OP explained, the Klingons ALSO have a big advantage in terms of superior ships.

Rather than nerfing Klingon defense even more, I think a buff to Federation defense to make it a more meaningful advantage would make more sense. Hell, everyone knows a simple linear increase in hitpoints will still easily be overcome with high sustained DPS and/or focus fire - but say a 30-40% advantage in hull/shield points (rather than the current 10% or so) would go a long way to giving the Federation a faction-distinct advantage to match the Klingon one and make escorts a more viable choice in PvP.