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03-07-2010, 04:09 AM
Originally Posted by Mark_Arac
This is absolutely true, but as the OP explained, the Klingons ALSO have a big advantage in terms of superior ships.

Rather than nerfing Klingon defense even more, I think a buff to Federation defense to make it a more meaningful advantage would make more sense. Hell, everyone knows a simple linear increase in hitpoints will still easily be overcome with high sustained DPS and/or focus fire - but say a 30-40% advantage in hull/shield points (rather than the current 10% or so) would go a long way to giving the Federation a faction-distinct advantage to match the Klingon one and make escorts a more viable choice in PvP.

I would hardly say that Klingon ships are Superior they have less hull hps and the cannons limit their firing arc.. true the raptor and bop are fast and makes that less of an issue. the biggest problem here is the experience issue. Klingons use effective tactics that work over and over again.. We know they work over and over again because that is all we do. SO I have an idea Lets make the ships 100% identical to each other for a week and see who keeps winning. I know where I am going to put my money