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03-07-2010, 06:54 AM
First off Feds need to learn that cannons can be used by BOTH sides. Only for Feds it is limited to the escort class line of ships. So, if a Fed wants to use cannons he/she has to fly the escort line of ships. Now, do I think cannons need a "nerf" of sorts. No, cannons do not need a nerf. Cannons are fine the way they are, but do fix the timing issues with them.

I am extremely disappointed with Cryptic after reading they are "normalizing" (which is code for they are doing what the feds want and nerfing them). If this keeps up and this game turns into a listen to the QQers and whiners like in SWG I dont think I want to stomach another one of those.

Now on to the problem with feds thinking cannons need a nerf. Cannons are meant to be a largly klink side gun given that we do not have the defenses the feds have, plain and simple. What this means is we have to have a higher damage output than a fed. One thing you do not see very much of is klinks whining about nerf beam overload or nerf the feds use of cannons. But, we see alot of feds QQing and whining about nerf klinks, and if this nerf to cannons goes through, and possibly a cloak nerf I have been hearing rumors of goes through as well, klinks will not be a very playable class in any sense of the thought let alone word.

Stop "adjusting" and nerfing the combat system people, it just screws up and screws over people who actually use it.