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03-07-2010, 09:14 AM
Originally Posted by Azreell View Post
Klingons are a faction that is becoming extinct.

Perhaps when Cryptic realizes one repeatable pve and nothing but pvp ques to level get's pretty mundane and far to repetitive then hopefully something happens.

Problem is there won't be many klinks left at that point.

Actually, my own thoughts are that the Klingon faction ended up more than it was intended for. Cryptic determined that the vast majority of the playerbase would be Federation primarily. Klingons therefore were not so much a full fledged faction as they were an alternative avenue of play for the Federation playerbase (monster play).

It started to become a real monkey on Cryptic's back when an actual playerbase developed for the Klingon faction, a playerbase that had little inclination to play Fed. What had been intended as a place to toss your alt around was fast becoming a focal point for a new ... faction. This was not planned for by Cryptic, and something had to be done quickly to address it.

For starters, Cryptic began a marketing campaign of promises for what was becoming apparent: Klingons had no content. Part of it was quickly deflected with the brilliant idea of stating that Klingons were PvP only. This sort of backfired since it attracted the attention of many a hardcore PvPer.

The reality was there were no big plans for PvP in STO (why would they still claim that PvP is consensual only in STO? That must mean Cryptic don't see Klingons as a separate faction but more as an alt for Feds), and Cryptic wasn't going to be swayed to do otherwise just because 10% of the playerbase wanted it. So, after the time arrived for Cryptic to do good on its promises for the Klingon faction, nothing happened. At least, nothing of substance. They never intended to do otherwise. It was all a delay tactic fabricated with prevarication and minor tweaks of little actual impact (UI changes to unused away teams and the like).

So, if you're looking for Klingon representation, look elsewhere than STO. This is StarFleet Online, nothing more.