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03-07-2010, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by Kaldriss
Getting Klingon PVP at tier 1 is next to impossible nowadays unless you like waiting for upto an hour at a time for a map to start. They do need a lot more lower level PvE content.
If the problem is lack of Feds, that's where KvK is supposed to come in.

If the problem is lack of Klingons, it's because the PvP offerings just aren't interesting enough to get more PvPers to go Klingon and stay.

More PvE might be a workaround but better PvP is the real fix.

I also don't see a reason why we can't get some mixed-level PvP. A level 10 BOP can still do some damage in PvP against a high level player (RSP is nigh-invulnerability at any level). I could certainly come up with a design or two for games like that where low levels can still have fun mingling with high levels from both sides.

Whereas a focus on Klingon PvE just tells me that they aren't interested in fixing the real problem and are instead just going to turn us into bumpy headed Feds.