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03-07-2010, 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by JPJappic View Post
Wait... so if the Orions, Nausicaans, and Gorn aren't stepchildren to the Klingons anymore... why do we fight their ships for entire 'first season' of the game? There's no way the Klingons would have as much resources as the Federation and I think they would probably turn to those other species to help bolster their ship armada.. to be honest I don't think the Klingons would really care what ship you're in whether it be Gorn, Nausicaan, Orion or Klingon... as long as you kick some Federation ass..

The excuse to not include these ships is very lame and should be rethought. MANY people want those ships as part of the Klingon Faction. Please for the love of all that is good or Klingon... I don't even play the Klingons most of the time.. but please look into other games that are successful to see how a two faction system works.

/end rant and Tellarite nerd rage.
Count me in. I'm one of those people that want ship variety. Its just not conceivable to me that the Klingon Empire would let all these aliens and Orion Slave girls pilot Klingon vessels. I'm hoping the folks at Cryptic will change their minds and ad at least a few Orion and Nausican ships as choices for the KDF pilots.

Oh and the o the OP..PVE for Klingons is a very, very important issue. I see questions about it regularly when playing Klingon Side. Especially to new players entering Q'onos or the first time. More options to get gear and level up other than waiting forever in PvP good.

And I so hope this ends up being a 4 faction game. 4-sided PvP sounds like fun....