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03-07-2010, 12:00 PM
there are a large num,ber of hidden keybind options. most are explained here :

experiment at your own risk!

but for a few nice butons i use

Numpad0 "UseTraySlot0 0"
F7 "PowerLevel_Preset_0"
F8 "PowerLevel_Preset_1"
F9 "PowerLevel_Preset_2"
F10 "PowerLevel_Preset_3"
End "GenButtonClick PowerLevel_Preset_1$$+TrayExecByTray 0 7$$+Power_Exec Reroute_Shields_Rear"
HOME "GenButtonClick PowerLevel_Preset_0$$+Power_Exec Reroute_Shields_Forward$$+TrayExecByTray 0 6"

this game has an near ininite nmber ofhidden options and commands. get to work! <S>