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03-07-2010, 12:23 PM
Originally Posted by urbanlamb View Post
Honest opinion from someone who has only pvp'd in this game?

That is a mission zone and they went there for PVE not PVP. I would have let them complete the mission as a klingon if they voiced any complaints. If I was a fed and the klinks were acting like this in what is a pve zone I would have attempted to find another open instance without you there.

There are a few areas of this game where PVP is not consentual and this is one of them. I try to keep in mind that if you enter a zone not marked as PVP as this game is alive today mostly as a result of PVE and in time I hope to have some feds to PVP with who actualy want to PVP.

So I'm glad you had fun, but to be honest it looks like it was at the expense of their fun.

That zone is a PvE AND PvP free for all zone. I was working that area a while back, and even though the Feds and KDF have the same objectives, everyone is hostile to each other. I recall sticking to one area of the map with a friend of mine. We knew from the Zone chat that there were alot of Feds there, but figured it would take them a while to come to our neck of the map. Plus, we were horribly outnumbered So, even though we just stuck with the PvE portion of the zone, a group of Feds stumble upon us. While focused on the Borg Cube, they shoot us to pieces.

I swore up and down that from that moment on, I will return every now and then to kill hapless Feds doing that mission. PvE/PvP in that map is really a KDF skipper's dream, since the Borg will distract the prey. I have more freedom to prowl and strike at the worst possible time for them. Even better, this very environment is where the Bird of Prey's Battle Cloaking ability REALLY shines. Your PvP kills there still count towards those PvP quests (and your deaths too!).