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03-07-2010, 12:56 PM
The problem with most "guilds" in most games that I have played is they don't care at all about most of their members. They do things that the "core" members want and you MIGHT get some help in the process but I wouldn't hold my breath. And there are other guilds that are just a joke to get into: fill out a questionnaire, write an essay on why you would be a asset to the guild, show up to several events etc. I play a game to get away from stuff like that.
I can understand its probably to weed out the kids always begging for money and items and cussing out other members when they don't get the help they want but I don't know...
I would like to find a good guild that helps all of its members and doesn't require a big fancy resume to join but such a thing does not exist.
Which is why I am glad most things in this game can be done "solo".
So go ahead call me bitter, if it makes you feel so important.
I do somewhat enjoy the SPACE pvp in this game, even tho a few abilities are heavily used while most are all but ignored. spam rsp fbp vm much?