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03-07-2010, 01:07 PM
aktak: Will we see any other ships and clothing added to our faction, so an Orion can be made to look like one, and actually be able to fly an Orion ship? Right now the other side races in the Klingon faction seem to be all Klingon step children. And it would add greatly to immersion if the other races were more stand alone, if you know what I mean.

It has been considered, but right now it is more important to offer more customization to the existing Klingon ships. I donít think Orions, Nausicaans and Gorn are anymore stepchildren to the Klingons then Vulcans, Andorians or Bajorans are to the Federation. That being said, one of the things we want to do is add more ship types at the end game. There is no reason some of those ships can't be Orion, Nausicaan and Gorn ships for the Klingon side.

Ok lets see the Vulcans help earth design ships. the Bajorans really have no ship and the Andorians are the only race that a shown in their own ships and that was Enterprise. where as all the Klink races have been seen flying their own ships so its not even a good argumenton that one.

Rienen: Many Klingon players are concerned about the lack of purpose in the current PVP system and what it means to the future of the Empire. Are there any plans to provide a more meaningful PVP system, such as "Open PvP" zones or capturable systems/planets/starbases that would then provide faction bonuses and rewards for holding?
I don't think it would be likely that we will ever allow the Klingons to invade Earth Space Doc as a random open world event. PvP in STO will always be consensual.

What the hell am i PVPing for? The Factions are supposed to be at war why would you not gain and lose ground on a galatic scale? Here's how ya do it. make it so that the Omega Leonis Sector (Klink) and the Sirius Sector (fed) can't change hands and that's it till other factions are playable then make those factions home sector non changeable and boom ya got a real reason to play pvp. You make it so the space sector has to be taken before the planets and bases Just like what would have to happen once that is done ya take that sector not that difficult. But ya wanna know how i know it'll NEVER happen.... the galaxy map isn't even right. how the hell did the klingons and romulans war for so may years being separated by the federation for pete's sake.

Lack of good PVP is my problem i could honestly careless about PVE. but if i'm gonna pay the same amount as fed players are i want the same options as feds and that shoulda been there from the get go. dont plan on quitting or anything like that aint ****ed off by anymeans cause your not gonna find a complete game anymore for computers its gonna get patch after patch no matter the game. and i'm sure they are busy with bugs and such BUT it'd be nice to get what the feds had at launch instead of kilnks waiting for our content/fixes/updates while feds get all of it including new ships.

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