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03-07-2010, 02:02 PM
What I am responding to in this thread is a few Klingons enjoy calling all of the Federation Players cowards. We don't have a cloak to hide behind when things get rough.


I want Open PvP atleast along the neutral zone. I hate waiting to go into battles. That is why I don't PvP much anymore. By the time I get the join tab, I'm out of the mood to PvP.

Is the ground PvP easier to get into?

The last day of Open beta was great when they opened the server up to open PvP. No I didn't enjoy shooting the Klingon ships when they warped into help take out the Borg.
What I will aways remember from that night was, the last ten minutes of Open Beta I was going to park my T3 Cruiser at Wolf 359. What did I see? Four Klingon ships and one Federation ship going at it so I joined the fight. It was the most fun I have had to date. The server shut down with a Klingon ship, and my T3 cruiser dueling it out.