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03-07-2010, 03:55 PM
Originally Posted by EremiticWolf View Post
Perks up ears. Wa? A free for all zone? How many can get in this area?
Well, maybe I should've refrained from using FFA as everyone against everyone. What I mean is that it's a PvE zone but the Feds and KDF are hostile to each other. Makes things interesting, especially for the Feds with the possibility of KDF ships skulking around while you battle the Borg. Despite this, both sides share the same mission objectives and their actions count to the same thing.

Not sure on numbers of players possible, but I've seen roughly 5 Feds, less than 10 at a time. KDF are usually smaller in numbers, if at all. The Feds seem to go for it more often but the mission is bugged.