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03-07-2010, 04:02 PM
I would simply set up a fixed hierarchy, such as:
  • If only one person in the group has the actual quest and the others are doing it as 'secondary,' it should proceed on the mission-holder's ship.
  • If more than one person in the group have the mission (non-secondary), then the mission will be set on the ship of the team leader.

    • If the team leader is not one of those having the mission, then the team will not be able to enter the mission and a prompt will be issued to the team. This prompt will explain that they must set one of the members with the mission as the team leader before they may begin the mission. They may then do so at their leisure and attempt to enter the mission again once they have properly configured their team.

As long as you create a rules set like this and follow it consistently as well as make it clearly known to the players how the system works, I think it should work out quite well and allow for many kinds of shipboard content.