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03-07-2010, 04:44 PM
Originally Posted by Kestrel View Post
Missions onboard your ship have been a topic of much debate among the dev team since the beginning of the project.

We really want to do them, but everything we do has to be formatted for a team. In the case of an Episode, that's up to five players.

Say an alien virus gets loose on your ship and starts affecting your crew. That's great if you're solo, but what if you're on a team? Is it your ship? Your teammate's ship? The team leader's ship?

We're always looking for new ways to deliver content, and we are looking for fun, workable solutions to quandries such as this. So it's not out of the realm of possibility, but we can't put a date on it.
I think you guys may be over-complicating this.

You have Task Forces, Deep Space Encounters, and set events that are NOT set for single players. You are in those instances with a group, or you are dead (at least at any reasonable level).

What about a chance for a deep space encounter to send a solo player to his bridge to repel boarders? We know the bridge exists, we do get to pick them. We also know our bridge officers are there, because I already see them on my bridge.

We can make the encounter a bit more complicated by introducing new areas, like Engineering. There is no reason at this point to make 82 different engineering bays, just let us take the turbolift to Engineering, which will be scientific-looking for Science Ships, Crowded and armored for Escorts, and BIG for Cruisers.

Need more complication? Add a mess hall. These can all look the same, there is nothing to say there canít be more than one of these public replicator social rooms.

More? All Holodecks can start out looking the same, large black Tron-rooms that transform into a random ground or station map.

More? Shuttle bays, which you already have several maps for, and could just be re-skinned.

I think you guys need an old-school PnP GM to help you with some of this stuff some times.