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03-07-2010, 06:18 PM
I find that this "feature" makes it less likely for the feds to spawn camp. usually the klingons cloak and hide, just sit around hiding (arena obviously, they cant in C&H) either trying to reduce the federation numbers by making fed players get bored and leave, or trying to seperate fed players. Before now, the only way to bring the klingons out of their hiding was to spawn camp and attack a newly joined KDF player... KDF would HAVE to try and help their comrade, and give their cloak away.

Now with the minimap thing, science ships break off and do their cloak scans in "general" areas, cruisers can drop plasma and escorts drop mines, all in an attempt to decloak the klingons, giving the KDF more of a chance of seperating fed players and gives the feds something to do other then spawn camp or leaving due to cowardice on the KDF team.