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Originally Posted by LordTareq View Post
Seriously, there isn't a Klingon ship nowadays that doesn't carry multiple instances of Feedback Pulse. Naturally, because its ridiculously effective. So effective in fact that more and more Federation players switch to full turrets. I tried it myself and for a cruiser at least it rocks, not seeing any more blue pulses heading your way is a godsend.
Problem is, I want to use beams. This isn't Star Wars with massed turbolaser batteries. Kirk's ship used beams, Picard's ship used beams, Janeway's ship used beams. I want to use beams too without being severely punished for it by the dreaded blue pulses that take out a third of my hull before I can even switch target, only to have that target turn on FBP too.

This ability needs to be reworked, either greatly reduce the duration, or greatly reduce the damage it does, or make it affect all energy weapons, or just rework it completely so it does something completely different.

Currently it's just an awefully one sided ability. It also trivializes PVE content as shown in this video:
nope sorry i use them all the time on my cruiser and my escort and my science ship. i use the canon abilities
and the higher power consoles for weapons and if i dont have enough slots for those i adjust the power levels of shields to match weapons so weapon power is not lost in the all power to shields setting. the tetryon canons take down shields like crazy on every ship i have against any of the enemies and whats more the turrets fire continuously so they keep the shields down in almost every case. you just have to spec properly and train your crew properly. it works fine.