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03-08-2010, 12:57 AM
Originally Posted by Darcul View Post
Ok this is totally insane. No Iím not crying but come on! I have been an admiral for a while now and have been waiting to see whatís next for the game. I come on this weekend to see whatís new and find this mission called Infected. Iím excited and tell my kids to leave daddy alone today, heís got to save the universe from the borg.
I sit back and watch for a bit while people are talking in zone chat about the mission. Then join a team. That was Saturday at 1pm cst . I been on countless teams and havenít done anything but eat, sleep, and play STO and guess what, still havenít beaten the queen. Oh, itís just past midnight on Sunday. Now I understand that I might have been on a bad team but say 5 to 8 bad teams in a row? The last two teams, I asked for people that had done the mission before. Every team I was on could not beat the queen. Couldnít get past the one shot kill from the queen? Thatís just plain stupid. I love this game so far, and I understand that things are new and evolving but come on. Use your heads guys The mission should be hard yes.. But not damn near impossible. Again Iím not a sore loser and itís not like I and many other havenít tried to beat it. So I really donít care to hear responses saying I didnít give it enough effort. I have a few suggestions to improve the mission

1. The long insane walks you have to do on the star baseÖ. Did you developers forget how to include a new spawn point? You spend most of your time running back to the action after you get killed
2. Lower the damage output on the queen. The one or two shot kills is stupid
3. Whatís the idea with all the skill points you can earn? As a admiral lvl 5 canít use them.

Here is whatís good
1. The space fight is hard but fun
2. I love the idea of fighting the borg . they seem to act well like a borg should. Again hard but not to insane
3. love the dropsÖ.nice MK X stuff

Iím again telling people that the game has a great beginning but still hasnít quite nailed it. I keep hoping they fix the silly bugs and in a lot of cases they have. But this Infected mission is another example where they didnít seem to get the simple issues right. Over all its looks great
One last thing. You want great missions? Make more like the Q mission we have. That is bar none the best mission we have in this game so far.
Would love to hear what you all think
Hello fella first of all this misson is not hard , make sure your team got the right type of kits on for there class . a nice group set up is 2x eng 2x tac 1x sci with medi kit or drop a tac for extra sci , if you really still cant beat it then lets me know as ive done it everyday , im willing to take you along on my next run if you want . before you say im a no lifer or something im a mature gamer over 21 but still way under 60

regards vartok