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03-08-2010, 12:31 AM
Its the only pvp zone i know of then that is not in the queue system anyhow to me its pve call it what you will but when some pve'er goes in there to complete a pve mission I let them. The point being that in all honesty I dont want to scare people away from that part of the game. So unless its a pvp zone in the Q system I tend to leave them alone.. however if they shoot first well that's a different story.

Having gone into that zone today and had 5 feds attempt to kill me off and on I had no issue killing them. I do however consider it a pve zone so if someone gets upset I leave them be. I prefer my um victims to be voluntary.. after that they can complain to me about whatever (and they have done often) but until that time I like to walk the other side of the line and let them finish their mission if they so choose to or race them to finish the thing the pve way.. and not touch them unless they touch me seeing as i'm OP.. blah blah blah..