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Originally Posted by Excorant View Post
BTW you even dont need sci officers, if you buy large hypos and large shield charges at Exchange (they not expensive). Important is to survive the first queen attack, heal yourself, res others (then they should heal themselves as well) and close the queen (she sucks at melee range, tacticals with batleth will tear her apart). Engineers fabricate cover shields against the tactical drones around, or even better is if they manage to lock te queen inside them. Try to make base at one of the corners, and dont shoot her, so she comes close to you.

Melee, cover shields and loads of large hypos - thats my advice.
Pretty much this ^.

Don't get frustrated once you survive her first alpha strikes her DPS drops alot. Just concentrate on healing yourself (don't reley on your sci guy only) and rezzing your team mates while she is AoE Alphaing, after that she surprisingly easy to take down.

I know your getting frustrated at the game but once you do compleat it once you'll want to do it again and again.

P.S. DS9 has 100% heath hypos/shield chargers