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03-08-2010, 04:00 AM
Originally Posted by Corsai View Post
Assertion 4: Kite all the fragments.

Reality: Generally speaking, this is a good idea but is dependent on what everyone else is doing. For slower ships (cruisers mainly), often times you'll have to devote more power to your engines at the cost of your other systems, namely weapons. Keep in mind shields are largely useless except during the top third percentile of his health in which you could be targeted by the CE's energy beam. After that phase, if you want to cut most power to your shields, it shouldn't be a problem.

Given that you'll likely have pugs in your group at some point, I'd recommend assigning at least a few people that you can control to specifically focus on small fragments during the bottom 3rd of his health, assuming of course people will be making some mistakes with large/small frags.
Since I had to add my first non-gold spammer to my ignore list because of this, I would like to add that shooting down the regular crystal fragments don't heal the entity. Anyone can verify this by simply opening the "info window for the CE, and shooting down a regular fragment in between it's natural healing ticks.