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03-08-2010, 04:49 AM
Originally Posted by Lugh View Post
Fighting myself ??! You're going to stick to that weak arguement?

yes Fighting myself I bet I'd go 50-50 in this situation depending on who made the first error / got lucky first.

Heh, well, I admire the courage of your convictions, as untenable as they might me.

The entire premise of the thread was 'opponents of equal skill'. Nothing would be more equal than an exact copy of yourself. If you find the premise to be 'weak', it may behoove you to find another thread to lecture people on their inferiority.

And the person who 'gets lucky first' will be - in almost every case - the person with the element of surprise, and of advance planning, the one who can choose when and where to strike. The person - in short - with stealth abilities.