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When I first started playing 3 weeks ago, everything was fine. All sound effects were playing ok and the game was generally smooth playing at full resolution with graphics set at recommended.
Things have nnow changed and its got nothing to do with my computer as i've changed nothing.

First, the sound effects started acting up. Whenever I go to full impulse it used to make a sound effect as you heard the engines power up. Now there's nothing, and the graphic for the warp nacelle trails has also disappeared.

Then, the graphics started acting up too. Star systems that were fine to play in before suddenly had dreadful framerates (Deepspace K7 for one). I tried dropping the graphics from recommended to setting them all the way towards speed preference but it didnt fix anything. Now I spend most of my time in space missions playing at the half resolution setting just to get things to play smoothly. If it helps to diagnose the issue, i've noticed it mostly happens on missions where i'm going to be very close to a planet or if there are a lot of small bodies (asteroids etc) in the area of the mission.

Its not just me experiencing these issues, my wife has also now started to see these symptoms after only playing for 1 week, as have many of the people in my fleet.