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# 3 CE Facts and strategies
03-08-2010, 09:18 AM
There is some misinformation in the above posts, what I copy and paste from my previous comments in other threads has been proven, time and again.

Here it is:

Crystalline Entity has a natural regen rate of about 3% every 30 seconds. DPS has to be more than this to win.

100% - 67%

Entity will shoot crystalline fragments. Above poster is correct about them. They do only hull damage to you, they can be outrun, they do NOT heal the entity when they are killed. Kite or kill the fragments, damage the entity down to 33%. Entity will fire a energy beam at highest threat target. Beam does massive shield damage, does very little hull damage.

67% - 33%

Entity will shoot crystalline fragments as above. Entity stops shooting beam at highest threat.

33% - 0%

Entity begins shooting large crystalline fragments. Large fragments do 2 - 3 times more damage than crystalline fragments. They typically will 1 shot a T2 escort. ANY destructable (anything that can be targetted, mine, heavy plasma torpedo, tricobalt device, boarding party) will break a large crystal into small crystalline fragments. These small fragments have little health, but will fly back to the CE and heal it for about 1% a piece. Each large can break into 3 - 4 small fragments. BTW do NOT use boarding parties, they do nothing to the CE and only serve to reduce your crew and break large crystals.

Large crystalline fragments will NOT produce small fragments that fly to the CE if they are blown up with beams, cannons or regular torpedoes (NOT heavy plasma or tri-cobalt). If you watch closely when you kill a large, it WILL produce smalls, but they WILL despawn after a couple seconds AND the CE will NOT gain health from the despawning smalls.

Please re-read the previous two paragraphs and allow that information to sink in.

Mines, and heavy torpedoes CAN and SHOULD be used when the CE is over 40%, but NEVER below, to allow time for them to despawn or blow up before larges are produced.

Shooting crystals is OK to do with beams and normal torpedoes, HOWEVER this is DPS that is removed from the CE, and maximum DPS should be on the CE to keep the fight as short as possible due to the natural regen rate.

There is a method of controlling fragments by using Scramble Sensors (NOT Jam Targetting Sensors) on the CE. This causes all fragments to become harmless, and not explode. HOWEVER, larges WILL still break into smalls if they hit a destructable object OTHER than your ship. That is why mines and heavy torpedoes should NEVER be used under 40% no matter what strategy is being followed.

The fragments can be permanently locked down using Scramble Sensors by either a group of 3 - 4 LTC captains in science ships, with their Sci BO LT skill Scramble Sensors I, rotated every 15 - 20 seconds, then fired on cooldown expiration until the CE dies, OR by a CPT or RADM captain in a sci vessel with 3 Sensor Scrambles trained, and rotated through their cooldowns.

If you're lucky to be in a lockdown instance, get close to the CE to maximize energy weapon damage (under 2km), max power to weapons, and burn it down. Ignore all the fragments. If they're locked down properly, they will not hurt you.

When i scramble lock the CE, i post the 5 rule strategy:

1) Max power to weapons
2) Get close to the CE (inside 3km)
3) FULL DPS on entity
4) IGNORE all fragments, I will control them

rule 2 is important for 2 reasons, 1) it increases energy weapon DPS and 2) with a lot of fragments flying around, sometimes the CE will disappear, this alleviates the problem

As I stated above, mines are ok above 40%, but in order to keep it simple and avoid confusion, NO MINES suffices.

This strategy also works with 4 LTC captains in sci ships with scramble sensors I, they just have to establish a reliable rotation with MAX trained BO Skill (rank9) to have the 1 min CD.