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03-08-2010, 09:47 AM
Fluff or not they did say this about pvp...

a bunch of new PvP maps and even some PvP events down the line. There are lots of new PvP features, and new space and ground games planned. A persistent territory game is being worked on
The next step for them should be to show us these improvements. They should do a feature on how they are planning to improve PvP.
  • Screenshots or video walkthroughs of new maps.
  • Developer commentary/write-ups on the new space and ground pvp games.
  • Developer commentary/write-ups on the direction they plan on taking "persistent territories" and how they plan on implementing them.

I know that sounds simple enough, but those kind of things would do volumes to ease people's minds and show that Cryptic has a direction for where they are wanting PVP (and in turn Klingons) to go.