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03-08-2010, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by Manx View Post
An entire team doing nothing but phaser stuns and melee hold spam... glad I haven't run into you yet
It's actually far less effective than our normal game, which is nothing but split beam rifles and expose attacks (including science AE holds).

Now at least the melee fights takes a while to resolve because we're mostly hitting people for like 20-40 damage. Even a melee exploit attack typically only hits for 300 or so. The hard part is sticking to a target until they die. If they're squirrelly, backpedal a lot, use their own roots, snares and holds and apply doses of rifle melee to keep us off, it can be really hard to kill them with bat'leths.

Luckily nobody ever does that. Feds are pure "derp" in ground PvP.