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03-08-2010, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
Read this:

Very helpful.

If you're tactical doing PvP I suggest using the Squad Leader kit because of the buffs for your team. The Close Combat kit is okay but leg sweep and lunge don't really add much and Motion Acceleration does not apparently break holds, even though you'd think it would since you can use it while held... Kits with Ambush or weapon buffs like Suppression Fire don't really help the bat'leth much.

For science I personally think the hold kits are best. I can see where healing can be useful too, and there's that melee buff ability from the heal kits but if you're going to melee, it's hard to beat the ability to root your opponent.

For engineer, snare mines and weapon malfunction are both good abilities to have.
Motion accelerator actually does work, and often, just not every time. Lunge is an exploit attack which is also good because the bat'leth has a good shot at getting exposes. Leg sweep works fine for interrupting someone but I've never gotten an expose with it, even though it is supposed to have a chance (just bad luck I think). Ambush does work with the bat'leth as well, it's the landing it before taking damage yourself that's hard, not to mention ambush is better served with a split beam or sniper shot, and then follow up with the bat'leth to get the expose, etc.