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03-08-2010, 01:21 PM
Motion Accelerator saves you from holds while it's running but it almost never seems to break me out of them. Maybe it's not supposed to but then why let us use it while held?

Lunge is an exploit but it's so low damage I think it's a waste of an expose to use it. (Ditto for the Gorn "Bite" attack, while we're on the subject of melee stuff. It's an exploit but the base damage is low enough that it's kind of a waste to use it unless you have absolutely no other exploit attacks available -- and with a bat'leth, you ALWAYS have your combo available.) In my opinion, Lunge should apply a 6 second snare to the target. Then it would be great.

And yeah, ambush works with anything but ambushing someone on a regular bat'leth strike would be silly. I'm not sure if you can ambush mid-way through a combo of it that will interrupt the combo. If you can get off a "122" as a "12 ambush 2" then maybe that would work nicely. I haven't tried that.