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03-08-2010, 02:05 PM
Any Fed complaining about ground balance would get laughed off the forums. They simply have no leg to stand on when it comes to unbalanced skills (identical), kits (identical) or weapons (identical). I have seen people complain about differences in Traits, as if their 40-0 defeat was caused by my Klingon's 5% resist trait, but they don't get a lot of traction there.

So they lose in ground combat even worse than they do in space, but they have no basis to complain.

Since Klingons and Feds are not identical in space, they can attempt to explain away their losses by blaming cloak or the fact that carriers exist.

I suspect the full explanation is something along the lines of this:
Most Feds don't seem to like ground combat in PvE -- the AI is weak and NPCs attack you with padded gloves on, rarely using the really nasty holds, roots, exposes, exploits, etc, on you (imagine if NPCs could expose+exploit you like you can expose and exploit them! Feds would learn to get good at ground combat quick). I think Feds mostly prefer to just slide through ground combat as quickly as possible. Consequently when it comes time for PvP, they are terrible at it.

They do enjoy space combat, though, and that's where they spent most of their time and effort, so when it comes to PvP, they actually do much better. But, since there are differences, they can also complain more when they lose.