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03-08-2010, 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by Hebon
I'm impressed by your game, it's quite fun with its PVE/PVP on space/ground and I will probably play it till the end of times because i'm a fan of you know what.

But, please, we are not the "Fearderation". We don't vaporize people, we don't kill babies (remember the jem'hadar eggs ?), we don't shoot at first sight, we don't detroy stuff just for the fun...etc.

Or maybe we are playing a mirror universe without knowing ?

So, it would be cool for fed players to put weapons on stun (would be easy to do), to make people KO rather than vaporize them for the expose attacks, and it would be cool to write missions (and rewrite old missions) with some diplomacy/science/talk options and more humour (you can do it , there are many examples).

In fact, you should introduce some kind of bonus XP for finishing missions without massacres:

- the kids would kill everyone, get the reward and jump to the next slaughters
- the fan of star trek would play the diplomacy card, speak with everyone, do some scan and find the solution without blood on their hands (and get a reward for doing it in the spirit of Star Trek). You have to hire some writers for this but the game, people who can give use missions with different ends (ala Bioware).

So please, more science and less violence, because the Federation is not the Fearderation !

Let's see the Federation or its Captains in canon have attempted genocide once, condoned it 4 times, threatened orbital bombardment twice, fabricated evidence and killed a Romulan Senator to get them into the Dominion War which was approved by Starfleet Command, started the Dominion War, countless treaty violations, countless border incursions, several acts of espionage, theft, and sabotage, and attempted a forceful relocation of a population. See the trend? While it is great to have ideals and to live up to them, the Federation like any government will put those aside when ever they deem it in their interests to so. As this game takes place in a time of war and major conflict those ideals will get pushed to the back burner in order to respond to threats.