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03-08-2010, 05:15 PM
Originally Posted by AtomicFB
I appreciate that of course. Like I said I think players should have the option of more diplomacy and the like. However since this is a game. I don't want to see the current options removed is all I am saying. The one thing I never liked about the Federation, and they are my favorite faction. Is this "I love you, you love me" attitude.
Its not I love you, you love me. its I respect you, please return the courtesy. Violence and warfare is a last resort tactic of the federation, after exhausting all diplomatic avenues. This is canon. Its like saying my Jedi knight should have the right to use the dark side of the force but not turn sith. Some things are more important then game mechanics, being true to the doctrines of the federation and starfleet is one of them. Otherwise don't call it Star Trek Online because it isn't.