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03-09-2010, 12:11 AM
Went in there tonight, Was fighting a Borg sphere, seen some green beams coming from behind me and what do I see? A group of Klingon ships. I targeted one, fired back but, along with the Borg spheres shooting me, my ship was taken out. Taught me a lessen. Watch my aft, and try not to get in that situation again. I had a good time tonight. I'll be in there tomorrow. :p

I did get some revenge though. Seen a couple of Federation ships firing on a Klingon ship, I went full impulse in targeted the klingon ship, hit the tractor beam and kept him there so he could "feel the love."

We need more " open areas" like this, IMHO. As I have said before I hate waiting to PvP. I do now right now though the Klingon side doesn't have alot of players. What is a good klingon missions to level up fast?