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Originally Posted by RachelGarrett View Post
Zinc somewhat elaborated on this matter in the recent interview with altern8 (goto page 4):

Does not explain however why they choose to make this specific mission go this specific way. If you only have one path to go, in my opinion it should be another one. Would help a bit if you could blow up Zelle's ship in the end and do a mission for the Romulans where you offer reparations.
Well, in pen & paper /tabletop roleplaying games, this is a common problem in adventure paths, e.g. a series of adventures that the players will usually play through sequentially. With pen & paper games, the DM is the final arbiter of everything that is going on, so he can improvise on the fly. But there is only so much variation an adventure path can handle, and in such cases, you "railroad" the players. YOu don't have to limit their choices, but you can limit the effect.

In this mission - maybe at some point the player can say: "Stop, we're going too far. The Romulans are not doing anything illicit here, and I refuse to obey your orders." At that point, the Undinde could attack and flee at the last moment - with the same trick as it does in the other finale. You don't get to kill her/him/it either way. Alternatively - just because this one Undines plot is stopped, doesn't mean you stop everyone Undine's plot. Maybe the Starfleet briefing at the end could even inform you: "Thankfully, you stopped this one. Careful review of her past missions indicates that she might not have worked alone, and that one of her aides might have made it to the Romulans.

Or to your example: If you don't want Roger killed, give him a way to escape at the last minute. Of course you can also ask for the later episode: Do I really need Roger the Cardassian, or will any Cardassian do?

Sure, your choice might not have an impact on the rest of the story, but it made an impact for _you_. You did not violate Starfleet ethics, you adhered to the Prime Directive, you didn't grant Roger the chance to redeeom himself.